Goal setting and planning is something you hear about in regards to every aspect of your life. There is goal setting and planning for weight loss, daily lifestyle goals, business sales and even cleaning. The issue with these goals is how to reach them, even when you are stressed and feeling like you are derailing from your path. Journaling can help you achieve your goals, and here are a few ways how.

Make them Real

When you journal about your goals, you make them real. They can run around in your head all day, taking up much needed mental bandwith, feeling a bit airy fairy, out of reach, but when you write them down it connects them to reality. It makes them real in your mind, helps concrete that vision, and so manifests them. You move from a station of thinking about a goal to a station of being present and saying you are doing this and making this happen. Journaling helps you focus and realise that your journey is starting.

Stay Accountable

Journaling helps you stay accountable for your goals. It helps you manifest the goals into a daily task. When you write down your goals, how you are doing with them, or what you did for the day to reach that goal then you are staying accountable to yourself for that goal. Journaling helps you stay accountable, stay focused, and work with any issues you are having with the goals to overcome them.

Track Developments and Stumbling Blocks

One of the key reasons people use journaling to reach their goals is due to the pattern that you can see after a short amount of time. You may know that you have stumbling blocks, for example, but you may not know what they are or why you are having them. You can go back to previous posts and see patterns form that lead to you failing or having issues with reaching your goals. You can then work with these patterns, change them, alter them, or remove them completely.

By creating and maintaining a journaling habit, and making it part of your non negotiable daily to do’s, you can develop a pattern that will benefit your health and your goals. You will see what methods to your goals aren’t working and which ones need enhancing. You can also see what may be derailing you from your goals and your path.


Personally I account most of my success to having a great but structured journaling routine.  I make it one of my daily mindset tasks, that gets done no matter what!  And the best part about journaling is there are so many different ways to do it, and it allows for so much creativity that you won’t get bored.  I find it really helps spur me on for the day, I feel motivated and unstoppable!

If you would like to learn more about how you can journal your way to abundance, happiness and success, then check out my FREE 7 Day Journal Your Way to Abundance challenge.

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