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Hi, I’m Lisa, a small town girl from good old rainy Northern Ireland, a mum of two crazy but beautiful little girls, a wife, a sister, a daughter, but better known to you all as the founder and creator of the fabulous heart centred business, Ms Intuitive.

I am an Intuitive, Energy Master, Spiritual and mindset coach, but above all a heart centred soulpreneur.   I am here to help people live a more mindful, prosperous and enlightened life using spiritual tools for both personal and business growth.

I blend my love for woo with my need for logic (being an Aquarian) healthy dose of sarcasm and sprinkle of don’t give a f*** what others think attitude to be the unique and individual person that I am and approach that I take in my coaching.


My Story: brace yourself, only kidding sorry to disappoint, it’s not all that exciting, no near death experiences or world ending changed my attitude, but here it is in its entirety, raw and uncensored!

I discovered at the early age of 7 I had intuitive or psychic abilities and was able to see and communicate with spirit.  Like any child I was frightened and didn’t understand how to control it.

As I got older I tried to ignore these gifts, and didn’t really view them as the blessings that they were.  In my late teens I took sick, suffering from many different illnesses but the main one being fibromyalgia which in turn led to depression.  It was at this stage when no conventional medicine could help me and the quality of my life was greatly being affected that I decided to turn to alternative methods of healing, and fell in love with Reiki.  I got attuned and certified and this began my journey as an Energy Master.

Since then I have become certified in many different healing modalities from crystals, to angels, auras to theta, with chakras winning my heart.

In my undertaking of my energy work, with which I have had great success for my clients, my intuitive and psychic abilities began to become much more prevalent and honed in, to the point where I couldn’t ignore them anymore.

I suddenly had the realisation that I was meant for more, I felt like I was being pulled back down this path no matter how many times I tried to escape.  So much so that I decided to quit my job in the corporate world and trade in my profession in law to become a fully-fledged intuitive soulpreneur, helping others access and develop their gifts and talents so they can live the life they were truly meant to, helping one person at a time sparkle and shine their light and grace in an otherwise dark and confusing world xxx

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of time I believe in the Universe

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Address: County Antrim,

Northern Ireland

Email: admin@msintuitive.com

Business Hours: 10am -4:30pm M-F

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