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Hi, I’m Lisa, a small town girl from good old rainy Northern Ireland, a mum of two crazy but beautiful little girls, a wife, a sister, a daughter, but better known to you all as the founder and creator of the fabulous heart centred, soul business, Ms Intuitive.

I am a Money, Mindset & Manifestation Coach for the modern everyday woman. I am here to demystify the woo so that you take the principles and put them into action in order to live a more mindful, prosperous and easy life using these tools for both personal and business growth.

I blend my love for woo with my need for logic (being an Aquarian) healthy dose of sarcasm and sprinkle of don’t give a f*** what others think attitude to be the unique and individual person that I am and approach that I take in my coaching.


My Story: brace yourself, only kidding sorry to disappoint, it’s not all that exciting, no near death experiences or world ending changed my attitude, but here it is in its entirety, raw and uncensored!


From as early as I can remember I dreamt of being a solicitor.  When all the other kids would write about wanting to be fairies and princesses in pirmary 2 I was writing of being in a court room.  I kept my head down in school, was always very academic, although I did like sports too, but was such an introvert.  I would compete with myself to get better grades each time and it stood me well, I graduated joint top of my class in Uni with a degree in Law & Politics.  It was a struggle to get a job, no matter how hard I tried, eventually I did, only to find it wasn’t wha I had hoped for after all.


 I knew there had to be more to life than just the Mon-Fri slog, not even as I would have to take work home, and work a part time job at the weekend to pay bills.  There was no passion there anymore.  I started to really doubt everything.  I knew I wanted more but was always so afraid to take a leap of faith on any of my new ventures that I was dabbling in on the side trying to find my calling.  I believe we all have a life purpose to fulfill yet I also fell into that trap of conventional business, that I had to have a ‘proper job’.


The funny thing is I always felt out of place, but just assumed that’s how everyone felt.  I kept telling myself when I would hit my goals it would all change.  I pictured this glamourous world that would fill this void I felt no matter what I tried.  Growing up I had always been quick a lucky kid, winning things.  But I lacked confidence and never felt worthy,  As I got older and was being bypassed and overlooked, even disregarded for jobs and promotions even though I was the best qualified, most productive, etc etc, it really knocked my confidence.  I started to doubt everything.  I felt like an imposter, looking in on a life I didn’t even recognise, let alone love.  


I was always teased growing up for being a little different, not fitting in with the norm, liking my own fashion and things.  I was always fascinated by all things woo.  And had my nose stuck in a book.


When I got married and fell pregnant I took ill.  I was forced out of my work and it was the best thing that could have happened, it forced my to jump before I was ready, into the self employed entrepreneurial world.  I thought to myself how can I raise a child to be happy if I can’t even do something I love.  I had to think back to when I was young, and the world really did feel magical, full of opportunities.  I experimented with a few  different niches, as I foolishly believed personal development and manifesting was only to be used personally and not to be taught.  Who the hell was I to teach this, after all I hadn’t got my shit completely together.  I don’t live in a mansion or jet set 6 months of the year.  But I love what I do, and am passionate about helping other women be, do and have everything they desire.  I love empowering women and seeing what they really are capable of.  And what makes me unique is that I have spent 

Since then I have become certified in many different healing modalities from crystals, to angels, auras to theta, with chakras winning my heart.

In my undertaking of my energy work, with which I have had great success for my clients, my intuitive and psychic abilities began to become much more prevalent and honed in, to the point where I couldn’t ignore them anymore.

I suddenly had the realisation that I was meant for more, I felt like I was being pulled back down this path no matter how many times I tried to escape.  So much so that I decided to quit my job in the corporate world and trade in my profession in law to become a fully-fledged intuitive soulpreneur, helping others access and develop their gifts and talents so they can live the life they were truly meant to, helping one person at a time sparkle and shine their light and grace in an otherwise dark and confusing world xxx

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of time I believe in the Universe

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Address: County Antrim,

Northern Ireland

Email: admin@msintuitive.com

Business Hours: 10am -4:30pm M-F

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