What I Do

I help female entrepreneurs, who struggle with attracting their soul clients, and earn the money they desire as well as the freedom to achieve a more positive mindset and radiant and balanced energy that is magnetic by teaching them to incorporate spiritual tools into their lives and heighten their intuition for better growth and develpoment not only on a personal level but on a business one too.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Lisa, a small town girl from good old rainy Northern Ireland, a mum of two crazy but beautiful little girls, a wife, a sister, a daughter, but better known to you all as the founder and creator of the fabulous heart centred business, Ms Intuitive.

I am an Intuitive, Energy Master, Spiritual and mindset coach, but above all a heart centred soulpreneur.   I am here to help people live a more mindful, prosperous and enlightened life using spiritual tools for both personal and business growth.



My Methods

Although my energy work is mainly dedicated to Reiki, the Chakras and EFT, on this site you will also find a wealth of information on various other healing modalities such as crystals, hypnotherapy and more.

All very powerful energy work which I personally recommend and want to help share with the world. Whether you are looking to heal yourself or wish to heal others, there is a wide range of options to choose from as many people seek spiritual balance and learning in their lives and business.

There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming and people don’t know where to start. I want to help with that, as I truly believe in the healing capabilities of these amazing therapies and know how much they have changed my life and business, and now I want you to know the benefits too.

I offer very specialised and tailored Intuitive guidance through the use of divination and my intuitive abilities.  As well as very unique coaching combining my love for spiritual tools and woo, my life coaching and life purpose certification, with my need as an Aquarius for logical thinking.

I am an Intuitive, Certified Tarot & Angel and Oracle card reader as well as Certified Psychic Medium that works with many different guides.
I am also a Holistic Therapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Chakra & Aura Practitioner, Eft Practitioner and Kinesiologist.  Crystal and Color Healing Practitioner & Angel Therapist, Celtic Shaman & Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Law of Attraction and Wealth Coach, all approved by the relevant bodies.
Namaste xxx

My Goals

It is my mission on this planet to spread a bit more light in this world, to help heal as many people as I can, awaken the mass consciousness, and to teach others how to not only use spiritual tools such as tarot and chakras for personal development but also how to incorporate spiritual elements into their business for ultimate success.  I am extremely passionate about this line of work, and have been on my journey to enlightenment for most of my life.

I am a certified law of attraction coach and want to use this to help inspire people to manifest the life they truly desire using both spiritual and practical concepts. I consider myself to be a Lightworker, what is this, simply it is someone who feels compelled to help others and who deeply cares about the world. I have a strong desire to help and inspire people to grow and to heal. Moreover, I am a spiritual and mindset coach on a mission to help others develop their own spiritual abilities and lead a life of fulfillment and abundance.

I strongly believe that anyone can develop and grow but you have to take the very first step on your own by setting your intentions straight, staying focused and putting your trust in the universe to know and accept that healing is possible and takes place every minute. By having spiritual balance in your life, you will find the difficult times easier to cope with, feel calmer and more at peace with yourself and your environment, as well as finding more clarity and alignment in your business therefore attracting the right type of clients.

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