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Welcome to The Self Love Journal for Wildly Intuitive Women!

Being a businesswoman isn’t just about being “good at” or “smart about” business.

It’s also about being able to handle your business – and life – and not let the speed bumps you encounter permanently affect you, your business or your idea of who you are.

Because TBH? On the path to running a successful online empire, you’ll encounter lots of snags, slipups, hiccups and moments where you’ll want to give up.

That’s where self love comes in.

We get that creative women in particular can be ridiculously hard on themselves.

Have you ever poured your heart into a social media post that literally no one commented on–and assumed it was because your ideas were bad or stupid?

Or helmed a launch that didn’t quite turn out the way you’d planned it in your pretty Day Designer– because clearly you’re just not “cut out for” this?

Yep–we’ve all been there..and guess what it’s not just in business, this applies to every area of your life.

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