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Welcome to The Abundance Journal for Soulful Intuitive Women!

Have you ever felt like:

– You never have enough money no matter how much you actually have or how much you make

– You are always chasing the next client for fear of not having enough, or waking up one morning to find your social media accounts closed and all those leads gone

– You are going to look some day and see you are completely in the red, with no way to pay your rent, put food on the table and what not

– You have conflicting emotions around making more money, you want it but you don’t want to be rich because rich people are (insert all your thoughts)

If you have any of these worries, or any other negative connotation around money don’t fear, the good news is you are not alone. The bad news however, is that if you don’t get your money shit together you will never achieve what you want in life and you certainly can’t run a successful wealthy business. It’s just the laws of the Universe I’m afraid.

Don’t despair though, all these things are simply fears creeping in to your mind in the form of limiting beliefs. But they are not set in stone, you can learn to flip the switch, rewrite these beliefs and have a healthy, loving relationship with money once again.

Tap into the abundance that is your birthright! And you can do exactly that with this journal. It will take you through not only your money past but your money present. And guide you through some very eye opening prompts.

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